BDSM Demographics Survey
revised February 27, 2021

Gloria G. Brame,PhD,ACS


In the fall and early winter of 1999, I conducted a survey on this site, aimed at gathering demographic data on self- identified BDSMers, sadomasochists, and fetishists. Over 7000 people participated, making this one of the single largest sexuality surveys ever conducted. The complete data are being published here as a permanent resource for scholars and all others interested in kinky sex issues.

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The Survey Results

Note from Gloria Brame

I'd like to extend my personal thanks to the many wonderful people who disseminated information about this survey on mailing lists and who graciously linked to us from their websites. Special thanks go to several people who made important contributions to this study: Ellen Burnette for her loving support and technical wizardry; Joseph Bean for his sensitive critical overview; Kayla Block for finding problems that escaped our eagle eye; and to my devoted partner and beloved friend, Will Brame, who deserves a special place in heaven for all the work he put into making sure these numbers are reliable. Finally, always last but never least, my thanks to Ellis, whose love and support make all things possible.


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