Is it normal to be obsessed with breasts? I mean my girl has small ones, my old girl had big ones and I constantly think/fantasise about them. I love tits and love sucking on them. I could suck forever, the older and softer the better, like it if they are sagged down pass the belly button and all stretched out. WHY are women so determined to lift them up? I find it to be an incredible turn-on when they are long and soft. My problem is I cant find any. frustrated, wish i could just rent some!

First, it is never normal to be obsessed: if you are suffering from a true obsession (which makes it difficult for you to function at work, damages your personal relationships, and interferes with your ability to concentrate), you should seek professional remedy by speaking to a doctor or therapist.

However, my take on your situation is that this is not a true obsession but more of a sexual fascination or fetish. So I will respond on that basis.

Being fascinated by breasts is a common American phenomenon. Our national obsession is evident in the thousands of magazines, books, and videos devoted to the subject. Breasts are so important to our ideal of American beauty that women often judge themselves by the size and shape of their breasts. Women who are small-chested want implants; women who are big-breasted want reductions; women who sag want to be lifted; and so on. It's hard to blame women for wanting to achieve their ideal of beauty--though, as a sexologist, I think it's a shame that more people can't just accept their bodies' differences and love all sizes and shapes of breasts as perfectly normal, natural, beautiful aspects of femininity.

Now, tell me: if you discovered you preferred pistachio ice cream, while all your friends preferred vanilla, would you feel it says something awful about you as a person? Of course not. The same applies to sexual desires. Just as breasts come in all varieties, so do fantasies.

If your biggest turn on is a woman with long, soft breasts, then search out women who have them. It's that simple. If you love older women's breasts, perhaps you could love the older woman attached to them too, and form a happy, sexually satisfying relationship with her.

There is no sin in knowing what you like and going after it. Bless you and good luck.

Dr. Gloria Brame

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