ever since i was young i have had a fascination about rubber balloons and have been using them for masturbating since i was i teen and now married i find it hard to stop buying them and masturbating with them usually sitting on them or sticking my penis into them till i cum why do i enjoy them so much?

Thanks for your question about this interesting fetish. An erotic interest in toy balloons is unusual but not unknown. Balloon fetishists are interested in a range of erotic play, from rubbing the balloons against their bodies and genitals, to watching women innocently frolic with balloons, to making love while surrounded by balloons. For some, it's all about the sensuality of the balloons; for others, the most exciting moment is when the balloons pop.

As with all fetishes, no one really knows why some people develop intense fascinations with a particular object. It is widely accepted among sexologists that our sexual identity is a combination of DNA and environment. Fetishists may have a genetic predisposition to become aroused in quirky ways; and their early childhood environment may play a key role in how that predisposition develops. But whether one is born a fetishist or becomes one, by the time we reach adolescence, our sexual identities are fairly set. So the key to personal happiness is figuring out, as an adult, how to relax and enjoy your needs in positive ways. "Purging" (periodically throwing all your balloons away) is inevitably followed by "splurging" (buying a whole new batch). Your best bet is to work on accepting that this is a feature of sexuality that will probably not go away.

Fetishism is actually a fairly common sexual behavior. The range of fetishes is staggering: parts of the body (feet, legs, navel, hands, body hair) and many inanimate objects (leather, rubber garments, furs, mannequins, clothes, lingerie, even orthepedic braces) are among the hundreds of unusual turn-ons that fetishists enjoy.

Having a fetish in itself is harmless: but if the fetish becomes an obsession, it can damage a relationship. You can tell if it is a problem by answering these questions: Are you more interested in balloons than in your wife? Is your fetish so consuming that it hurts your performance at work? Do you feel isolated and depressed, or extremely guilty about what you're doing? If you answered yes to all these questions, you may want to consider counseling to help you break out of negative patterns. Otherwise, it's nothing to worry about.

Yes, you are a little different, sexually, but you are definitely not alone. For some interesting links to sites for balloon fetishists, visit my links catalogue,

Dr. Gloria G. Brame

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