ANAL sex or masturbation with dildo's, vegetables and anything not nailed down. What is the best way to stretch the rectum? Can dildo-ing the ass have any health risks? Everyday I like to do it to myself and dont desire my lovely gal for sex. Am I nuts or just bored???? My thrill is to get bigger and bigger objects into my butt and I like to drive around with them, or maybe sneak one in my butt prior to going out to dinner with my girlfriend and then get up to go to the bathrooom and stroke my butthole in a booth and then try to conceal the 1.75"x 9" dildo in my pants. then to perhaps go to a abandoned field or place in broad day light to go to town on myself. I guess you ge the idea when I'm home alone you can be sure I'm cleaning out my rectum to start a long period of anal pounding, CANT get enough, wish I could have some one do it to me and AM I at risk of any Intestonal problems ? I can get 2" dia. objects x 9" long all the way into my butt and aprox. 7" circumfrance. Welp you know what I'm going to do now, right? Thanks!

Because of the many nerve-endings in this area men and women alike can get very turned on by "anal play" and anal sex across a range of variations. There are three key ingredients necessary for healthy anal sex:

1. Lubrication: Because the anus does not produce any lubrication (as genitals do), it is key to add your own, both to help loosen the area and also to protect tissues against irritation. If you will be using a condom, select a water-based lubricant (such as K-Y), and don't hesitate to slather it both on the rectum and whatever will be entering the recture (fingers, dildo, penis, etc.) before beginning any penetration. Some people put condoms on their anal plugs for an even higher level of safety. However if you are the only one to use your toys (and if you follow my health tips in #3 below), a condom isn't necessary, and you can be more creative in your choice of lubricants.

2. Relaxation: The greatest risk of injury occurs when the receiving partner cannot adequately relax the sphincter. When properly relaxed, the rectum can indeed safely accommodate stout objects as the ones you describe. If the spinchter muscles are tense you face two health risks: first, the tearing of the delicate tissue inside the rectum, and, second fecal incontinence (the inability to control when you eliminate). Forcing an object in the anus and stretching the sphincter can both result in muscle damage. A lesser but still important risk is that you can develop hemorrhoids as a result of anal play. Never rush penetration, never force things inside you, and if you feel like it is a little more than you can take, stop immediately, because you could be right. If you crave feeling "stuffed," proceed with utmost care.

3. Protection: even if you are doing this alone, cleanliness should be your chief concern. A rectum is (like the mouth, ears, nostrils, vagina, and urethra) a sensitive organic opening into your body. So you must be careful that anything you place inside will not irritate, abrade, infect or otherwise disturb the organ's environment. If you engage in anal sex with another partner, you should use condoms and latex gloves (for inserting fingers). Unprotected anal sex is the chief means of HIV transmission. Your fingernails must be trimmed close and clean before you insert fingers or a hand inside. Even if you are experimenting alone, make sure that whatever will go inside is spotlessly clean and free of microbes. All anal toys should be scrubbed with an antibacterial cleanser before and after each use. If you notice rectal bleeding, change in stools, irritation or unexpected itching, sores, hemorrhoids, or any other unusual symptoms after anal sex, see your physician immediately. If you are too embarrassed to talk to your family physician, go to a proctologist. A final comment: there is nothing unusual about enjoying anal stimulation. But if you are more interested in your anal toys than your woman, it is not just a pleasurable variation but an unhealthy obsession. Professional counseling with a competent therapist will help you achieve a healthy balance between your sexual desires and your intimate relationships.

Have fun and play safe.

Gloria G. Brame, PhD

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