ok i have had sex with my boyfriend about 15 times.. we have used a condom 2 times and the rest he pulls out... if evertime he pulls out and i see the cum come out when i am off is there a really good change i will get pregnant.. it has also been about 1 or 2 weeks after my last period?? what do i do i am i in trouble? if so besides a " at home test" how can i tell if i am pregnet before my mom and dad do? i cant stop it fells so good and fells so right

Withdrawal (when he removes his penis before ejaculation) is a completely ineffective method of birth control. Not only is there a risk of your partner accidentally ejaculating inside you, or around your vaginal region, but pre-ejaculate (clear fluid that drips from the penis) may contain sperm. So, unfortunately, if you were using withdrawal, and your period is late, you must get a pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Store-bought pregnancy kits are fairly reliable, and may be used as a first step. However, they are not 100% accurate. A test by a medical doctor is a much wiser choice, first because an M.D. can give you a definite yes or no, and also because he or she can then discuss your alternatives with you. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on where to seek out further help. He or she will know, for example, whether someone your age may legally request an abortion without parental consent. Alternately, if you are pregnant and are opposed to abortion, your doctor may be able to recommend agencies which help young mothers make informed decisions on their options.

If you do not want to go to your family physician, go to a local family planning center, such as Planned Parenthood. They offer low-cost and confidential services to young women. If (as I hope) it turns out that you are not pregnant, but simply running late on your period for other reasons, a Planned Parenthood clinic will give you literature and counseling to explain exactly how you can prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future. There are a range of choices available to you, from the condom (which is essential in preventing transmission of STDs) to a range of birth control methods for women.

If you miss a full period, please get tested immediately. The sooner you face this, the better it will be for all involved. Good luck.

Gloria G. Brame. PhD.

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