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The following is an archive of the chat transcripts from the Different Loving magazine which I co-founded, with Dr. Sandor Gardos, on THRIVE (on AOL) in 1998. As host of the weekly kinky sex chat, I covered a vast range of topics, concerns, and offered tons of practical advice about BDSM/fetish sex. So please take a look at the list of contents below and perhaps you'll find just the kind of advice you're seeking.

March 12, 2021
Dealing With all the Different Styles of Lifestyle; Philisophical Differences; Are Enemas A Necessity With Anal in BDSM?; Dealing With Your Parents Not Understanding the Lifestyle; Resources Related to the BDSM Lifestyle; Fulfilling Your Fantasies Behind Your Partner's Back; What to Expect at a Fetish Ball; Going to Clubs Where Your Submissive May or May Not Be Comfortable; Dealing With Non- Consensual Assault on Submissives

March 5, 2021
Role of Body Piercing in S&M; Body Piercings in General; Spanking Desires; Bondage Desires; Japanese Bondage; The Story of O; Parachutes

February 19, 2021
Getting Your SO Interested in the D/S Lifestyle; Can Fantasy Become an Obsession?; Writing; Fisting; Sjambok: what is it?; Is it Common For a Sub to Feel They Don't Need A Dom/Domme?; Toys for S/M Play; Should One Mention Her Kink to A Gynecologist? CBT

February 12, 2021
The Black Rose; Fem Sub Issues; How Negative Experiences Can Affect a Sub; Being Submissive When You Feel Dominant; S/M References; Does Love Play a Part in a D/S Relationship? The Trust Factor; Slave or Submissive?
February 5, 2021
Tongue Forceps; Male Submissive Wants Two Female Tops; Is Consent Implied in a Dom/Sub Relationship? Glory's Gardening Site; Easing Your Vanilla Partner into the BDSM Lifestyle
January 28, 2021
Casual Chat; BDSM and Childhood Traumas
January 15, 2021
Will Gloria Publish Another Book?; Role of Punishment vs Discipline; Converting You Significant Other; When a Sub Feels Neglected; Polyamory; Handling Jealousy/Possessiveness; When Your SO Wants to Add a Third Person and You Don't; Dealing With Preference Difference Issues; Dom to ALL, Submissive to Only ONE; Do Subs Ever Get into Non-submissive Moods?; BDSM-Result of Nature or Nurturing
January 8, 2021
Meeting Others in the BDSM Scene; Finding a Dominatrix; Dealing With Self Embarrassment Related to Desires; A Guest Discusses Her First Real Life Meeting with her Dom
The chat room was closed for the Winter holidays

December 18, 2020
Glory's Toy of the Week; Who is More into Kink--Men or Women?; Who Leans More Towards Kink--Weak or Powerful/Rich or Poor?; When is a Person "Successful" at BDSM?; First Meeting With a Dom--Safety Factors

December 11, 2020
Author of The Loving Dominant?; From Online D/S to Offline; BDSM Toys; Sadism; What Turns a Sadist On?; Glory For President; Do Men Make Good Doms?; Recommended "Floggers"
December 4, 2020
DOMINA; Experience at a BDSM Club; Love in a BDSM Relationship; CBT Safety; Proper Terminology for SM or D/S Lifestyles; Genital Piercing; Waxing; Ratio of Male/Female, Dom/Subs
The chat room was closed for the Thanksgiving holidays

November 13, 2020
Who Has Met Gloria Brame In Person?; Getting Past the Fear of Being Submissive; What is A Submissive?; Would A Dom Be Bored With a Perfect Sub?

November 6, 2020
Gloria's TV Appearance; What is BDSM?; Using Bondage to Heighten Sexual Pleasure; "Rules" of BDSM; Importance of Communication; Knowledge, The Power; Switching; When Your Partner Shows no Interest in a Dom/Sub Relationship
October 30, 2020
Gloria's TV Appearance; Having a Threesome; Length of Time for a Kink Session; "Otherworld Kingdom"; Discussing Anal Sex with a Partner; Body Piercing; "Cock and Ball Torture"; Meeting Folks Who Share the Same BDSM Interests; Playing Safe with Bondage
October 23, 2020
Is BDSM Safe?; What to Do When Your Domme Mate is Away; Favorite Toys; Cyber D/S Relationships; Sites For Information on "Toys"; Maintaining Your Lifestyle with Company in the House; BDSM Sites on the Web; Wanting to Watch Wife with Another Man
October 16, 2020
Going from BDSM to a "Traditional" Relationship; Sexual Preferences Set Early in Life?; Handling a 24/7, D/S Relationship; Retrograde Ejaculation/Tantra Technique; Tink's Diaper Experience
October 9, 2020
Love & Leather Weekend; Coming Down After a Session; Keeping a Long-Distance D&S; Relationship Alive; Fantasizing about Eroticism; Clubs in NYC and San Francisco
The October 2nd chat was canceled

September 25, 2020
Cyber vs Real Time BDSM; Does Reality Destroy the Fantasy?; Treating A Sore Bottom; Custody Battles Related to One's Lifestyle Choice; Maintaining a BDSM and Vanilla Lifestyle At the Same Time; Knowing if You're Dom; Does Submissiveness Carry Over into All Aspects of Life?; How a Submissive Avoids Becoming a "Doormat"; Finding Out Just What Others Want and Expect

September 18, 2020
Learning to Surrender Control; Resolving the Conflict of Control; Seeing Pro Dommes Exclusively; From No Orgasms to Wet Dreams!
September 11, 2020
Gloria's Path to BDSM; Pro Dommes; What is PsychoDrama?; Introducing One in The World of BDSM; The Dangers of The Fantasy of Asphyxiation; Being Submissive without Giving up All Independence
September 4, 2020
Genital Gloves; Fisting Safety; Getting a Tough Behind from Too Much Spanking; What Affects One's Tolerance to Pain?; "Resistance"
August 28, 2020
Dressing for the Occasion; Can BDSM be Therapeutic?; Getting a Partner Interested in Spanking; Dealing With the Come Down After an Intense Scene; After Care and The Dom's Responsibility; Hooking Up With People into BDSM; Vanilla; Maintaining Safety; Recommended Reading; Gloria's Introduction to the World of BDSM
August 21, 2020
Submission: Need or Desire?; Do Dominant People Ever Need to Feel Submissive?; Fearing Disapproval; Denying One's Need for D/S; Communicating Your Needs to Your Partner
August 14, 2020
What is Queening?; Do Submissives Tend to Have a Past History of Abuse?; What Makes a Submissive a Submissive?; Basics of a Healthy Dom/sub relationship; Fulfilling the Desires of One's D/s Partner
August 9, 2020
Collaring; BDSM Munches; Deafness and Entering the Scene; Approaching Submission Without Entering the Scene Fully; Disussing "Domina"

July 26, 2020
It's all about DOMINA! Check out the first official stop on my cybertour, and join the fun as people keep asking me..."Is Domina YOU?"

July 19, 2020
Losing Patience During Discipline; Transgender as a Dominant; Resolving Emotional Conflicts as a Sub; Abuse in a BDSM Relationship; Gloria's Book Release; BDSM and Monogomy; Resolving Conflicts With Friendships vs Lifestyle; What Makes a Person Want to Dominate Another?; Not Being a Doormat as a Submissive.

July 12, 2020
Nipple Clamps; Bondage Safety; Being a Sub and Being into Pain/Bondage; Crying After Punishment; Blindfold Safety; Stepping out of a Dom/Sub Relationship; Is a Dom/Sub Relationship a 24/7 One?; Power Dynamics Between a Dom and Sub; How Does a Sub Maintain His/Her Own Level of Self Confidence?; Finding a Sub Mentor.
July 5, 2020
Glory's New Book; Making Oral Sex More Enjoyable; Thigh Highs; Taking Discussions Away from Play Time; Sexual Intercourse in a D/S relationship.
June 28, 2020
Suggested Reading for Dom/Dommes; Do Subs Sometimes View Their Dom as a Parent Figure?; Where Should a Beginner Dom Start?; Getting Started in the Dom/Sub Lifestyle; Can a Domme Be Trained?; How Can a Sub Determine Excessive Punishment?; When a New Sub has an Overwhelming Desire for a Dom; Switching Top to Bottom and Vice Versa; Breast Sex Fetishes; Challenges of Teaching Others About One's Fetish/Fetishes; Humiliation; Difference Between a Sub and a Slave; Do Dom/Sub Relationships Last Longer Than Vanilla Relationships?
June 21, 2020
Gloria's New Book Release Date; "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns"; Finding Books Online; Side effects of "long term" Anal Sex; Having Multiple Subs; How Gloria Discovered the World of S&M;
June 14, 2020
Good Lubricant for Strap Ons; Using Condoms For Anal Sex; Chastity Belts; Gates of Hell; Talking Naughty to One's Master; Can Couples Last When One Won't Indulge in the Other's Kinks?

June 7, 2020
Announcement: the passing of Leonard (Dworkin) Wolf; When a sub is protective of his/her Dom; Can Closeness Affect Effectiveness?; Should a Dom be Threatened by a Sub's Power Away from the Relationship?; Dealing with a Sub Who Misbehaves on Purpose to Receive Punishment; How Can the Sub Express Needs Without Seeming Manipulative?; Using a Crop vs Caning

May 31, 2020
How Should a Submissive Treat another Dom?; Bringing up Issues as a Sub to a Dom; Caning; Going to a Pro-domme; Punishments; Punishment for a New Mom/Sub; Are Some Women Turned on By Cross-Dressers?

May 24, 2020
What's the time-frame before going 24/7?, Is 24/7 Good For Couples?, Finding a Dominant, Lifestyle vs Career, Finding a BDSM Munch, Can a True Dom or Sub Switch?, Long Distance Sub/Dom Relationships

May 17, 2020
Difference Between Codependence and Submission, Can Submission Be Learned and Enjoyed, or is it Inherent?, Switching Roles, Enemas, Kink Aware Professionals, Does Being A Sub First Make One a Better Dom?, True Love in a 24/7 relationship, Is it Safe to Use Ice?, Bondage and sanking, unusual or not?, Sub Groups Online, Should Intercourse be a Part of a Dom/Sub Relationship?, Alcohol Free BDSM Events: Good or Bad?, First BDSM Encounter: Public v. Private.

The May 10th chat was canceled.

May 3, 2020
Safe Sex after Shaving, Hepatitis and HIV, Losing a Job over Sexual Preference, BDSM Extramarital Affair, and Masochistic Subs: How to Know When They Have Had Enough.

April 26, 2020
Meeting An Online "Friend," The GOR Phenomenon, Cross Dressing Newbie, What is "Bidding" to a Sub?, Hedonism in SM Society, New Sub
April 19, 2020
Bondage Abductions Real? The Other World Kingdom, DOMINA (Glory's New Book), What Does BDSM Stand For?, Appearances by Gloria, KPOG Get Together, Is it OK to Fantasize About Others Even in a Committed Relationship?, Is Using a Dildo on a Man Kinky?, Free Bondage Stories on the Web, Do F/Doms Mentor M/Doms?, What is a Body Slave?, Percentage of Population Interested in BDSM, Why Won't Some People Who Enjoy Kink Talk About It?
April 12, 2020
Being a Sub--No Sex Involved, Books on Kink, Are Some People Trying to Work Out Childhood Issues?, Blacklist of Doms/Subs on the Net?, Cyber Domming and Subbing?, Professional Dommes, Is Sex Important in a Dom/Sub Relationship?

April 5, 2021
Dom/Subs and Sexual Relations, Pro vs Non Pro Dommes, Is D/s about Sex or is it an Emotional/Physical Release?, Punishment

March 29, 2021
More Safety Tips for First Encounters, Seeking Medical Treatment and the Doctor's Obligation to Report "Suspected Abuse," "Kink Aware Professionals"," What is an Evening in Gloria's Lair Like?, Who is "Mr. Rattlesnake?"
March 22, 2021
TPE vs 24/7, Should You Tell Family About Your Chosen Lifestyle?, How to Meet People into BDSM, Handling a Sub, Playing on a First Meeting: is it safe?, Importance of Communication

March 15, 2021
Submission and Feminism: The Conflict, DOMINA, Bondage Safety Issues, Religious Conflicts, Is Switching a Good Idea?, Painful Punishment vs Punishment vs Withholding Affection, Excessive Submission?, 24/7 Dom/Sub Relationships, I Want To Be Castrated.

March 8,2021
Monogamy: Dom/Sub Conflicts, Safewords, HitachiWand, Initial Meetings--Avoiding Danger, Recommended Reading for Beginners, Waxing, Submissive Men/Cross Dressing, How to Handle the Conflict Between Submissiveness and One's Feminist Side.
March 1, 2021
Auto Fellatio, Book "Different Loving," GloryB's Web Site, Safe Words--Verbal/Non Verbal, The Importance of Trust and Honesty in a Dom/Sub relationship, Satisfying One's Curiosity about BDSM, Beginning a Dom/Sub relationship.
February 22, 2021
Spanking Tips, Ways to Keep a Long Distance D/S Relationship Spicy, What is an LDR?, How to Approach your S/O about Your BDSM Desires, Physical Discipline and the Boundaries of Masochism, Bondage Videos, What is "Worship?", How to Find Others With an Interest in BDSM.
February 15, 2021
A Sub's Moral Dilemma, Swinging, Sub vs Slave, Mentors, Can SM Be Separate From D/S?, Spanking and How to Include Your Significant Other, Bondage: Self and With another, Dominant/Top-Sub/Bottom.
February 8, 2021
Introducing One's Partner into Bondage, Deaf People in the BDSM Scene, Info For New Doms/Subs, Safety When Travelling with Equipment, Places to Avoid or Proceed with Caution due to Legal Statutes

February 1, 2021
Roman centurions/nipple rings, Prince Albert/penis ring, writing Different Loving, effect of Net on attitudes, laid back dominants, over achieving submissives, BDSM coming out, D/s chat rooms, cyber role play, Gloria's upcoming books

January 25, 2021
BDSM and Beyond bulletin board policies, AOL guidelines, BDSM online, power boxes, violet wands, copyright questions, cyber relationships, Atlanta organizations, Master/slave problem: unwilling to comply with order to have sex with other men.

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