I am female and play with myself five or six times a day. Is that too much.

If you can masturbate five or six times a day and still have time to go to the office, answer your mail, and cook a proper meal for yourself at night, then what's the harm? As we in the former colonies often say, "YOU GO, GIRL!" There is nothing wrong with a healthy libido. In fact, there are millions of men around the world who'd like to meet you. And probably as many who'd like to BE you.

The only time sex or masturbation become a problem is when they are compulsive behaviors which interfere with a person's ability to function in society or to form intimate relationships. For example, if you won't answer your phone at home because you are too busy ringing your own bells, that might be a problem. If you haven't called your family in six weeks because your passionate affair with a new vibrator has you all tied up...then, yes, it may be time to set your frisky fingers to more productive pursuits.

Otherwise, relax. Most people would give their heads to come six times a day.

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