My boyfriend and I often pee in each other's mouths. Is there any harm in drinking urine.

In India, hundreds of generations of holy-men have been imbibing cow urine without apparent complications. In light of mad cow disease in the UK, however, drinking human pee is a far safer bet.

By nature, urine is a sterile solution. The primary risks are that somewhere in your plumbing there is an infection--whether in the bladder, the urethera, or in the area immediately surrounding the "pee-hole." (This would include vaginal conditions such as yeast infections and NSU.) As uring passes through these channels, it may pick up the infection along the way, and become contaminated. In that case, yes, ingestion can cause problems. A second consideration is whether either of you are taking medicine, whose traces may also show up in urine.

However, if you are both healthy and disease free, and not taking any strong medications, and while I can't say this is Nature's tastiest beverage, the urine should be safe for ingestion.

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