Can a woman actually ejaculate. My girlfriend says they can't but I've read somewhere that they can.

Actually, she can. Well, maybe.

According to the Kinsey Institute, some researchers report that as many as 40% of women ejaculate at orgasm. This is not to say that all researchers have reported such results or even that there is consensus on whether it technically (clinically) qualifies as ejaculation when women squirt liquid love during sex. Female ejaculate is nothing like the stuff that shoots from men. Actually, no one is entirely exactly what it is. But the educated guess is that female ejaculate consists of the same vaginal juices all women produce when aroused. The fact is that some women drip, some women ooze, some women spurt, and some women squirt. An oozer cannot teach herself to become a squirter, and a squirter is not going to be able to adjust the tap and control the flow to a more delicate ooze. These are simply natural biological varieties in women. No one type of lubrication is better than another, though obviously some men are fascinated by the squirting variety.

Also, despite the many feverish fantasies to the contrary, women are unlikely to shoot with such force that you risk losing an eye to it. More likely, it will be a squirt of warm juices at moments of peak excitement.

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