Conditional Love

Conditional love is the love that occurs between and among people who are not related by blood. And this is the love that fades after some time.

Opposite Sex relationship

People fall in love to each other. They will like each other according to the command of their brain. When a man likes a girl, he will always think of her, care for her and talk to her. He likes to see her every minute. If she is not around, he will look for her just to see her. However, after sometime, he will also forget for some reasons.


When a couple is newly wed, they care and love for each other. When misunderstanding comes, they try to understand each other. However, as time passes by, the time changes something. Time will come when they do not understand each other anymore. They tend to watch each other’s faults so they always fight over trivial matters. This way, the affection that they have at first vanishes. If their relationship is parents-child, though they fight everyday, they will never leave each other. Though at times happens, someday they reunite. However, they are just couples whose blood is totally different from each other’s.


Friends also have love to each other just like the opposite sex relationship. They are friends if they like each. Sometimes, when friends part from each other, they will forget each other after several years of not meeting. This is how conditional love works.

In a society, conditional love and unconditional love should co-exist to have a better environment.