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    Hotly Recommended!
    The Fabulously Naughty Annie Sprinkle
    I've known about Annie forever, it seems, but we became buddies a couple of years ago. I was giving a lecture to a graduate class in San Francisco and spotted her in the audience. (Annie is now a PhD candidate at my alma mater.) How I managed to maintain my concentration in the face of this sex goddess I'll never know because it was really a thrill to see her there. Afterwards, we ended up talking our way from the school to my hotel, where she shyly asked if she could use my shower. Her houseboat had burned down and her temporary space did not have the best plumbing. I quickly led her to the bath, then sat on the bed outside like an idiot, quietly repeating to myself, "Annie Sprinkle is taking a shower in my bathroom. Annie Sprinkle is taking a shower in *my* bathroom." She emerged, refreshed and happy, but not as happy as I was to have had this opportunity to meet her and share my hotel's amenities. We've stayed in touch ever since.
    Annie is the most polymorphously perverse woman I know. As she notes in Post Porn Modernist, she has special fetishes for midgets and amputees. Personally, she is a sweet, kind, soft-spoken and gracious lady. Not what you'd expect from a porn queen. Of course not. Annie is simply transcendent: her complete candor about even the wildest types of sex, her great sense of humor, and the wondrous little girl/earth-mother energy that emanates from all her pores make her an American phenomenon.

    She gave me Post Porn Modernist when we met last year, and I promptly gobbled it up. I found it so supremely weird (the pictures of amputee sex are eye-opening) , so intensely honest and, at times, touching (particularly when she talks about the effect of AIDS in her life), and so hysterically funny (including photos of her as a nerdy young girl, and a pie chart on the pluses and minuses of being a porn star), that I've been recommending it ever since to all my friends. If you're looking for a truly wild ride, this book won't disappoint.

    -Post Porn Modernist

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