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    Reference Books

    As if I didn't have enough fetishes, I also have one for reference books. I read them for fun, I use them to win fights, I depend on them for writing, and over time I've collected scores of them in a dozen different subject areas. Here is a very short list of the ones I use most for writing and working. (Sad to say, some favorite ones aren't in print anymore, so I left them off this list)

    Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
    an indispensible source for trivia about culture and literature, first published in the
    mid-19th century, now updated

    Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art
    a superb tool to unlock the meanings in visual art

    The MacMillan Dictionary of Quotations
    my personal favorite, for its easy organization

    MacGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical terms
    expensive but truly awesome

    Oxford Companion to English Literature
    the ultimate reference book for literary nerds

    Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
    a mind-bending work of scholarship

    Synonym Finder
    in my opinion, the single best thesaurus ever published

    Walker's Rhyming Dictionary
    the classic text, beautifully organized, with words listed in reverse alphabetic order

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