D&S; Drawings

by Will Brame

I like to doodle in a sketchbook. It is something I used to do solely for my own amusement; no one ever saw what I drew. Then I drew one from a photo of my wife in action, so to speak, and based on that I was asked to do some drawings for someone's Web site. I dashed off a really quick pencil sketch out of my imagination, meant only as a mock-up to see if that was the sort of thing this person had in mind. The next thing I knew it was cloned in triplicate and I was being asked for more. So I drew more, and the next thing I knew I had a display up in the Different Loving Graphics Gallery.

The images here are done either from memory or imagination. Occasionally I will use photographs for body models. By and large I'm interested in faces and expressions, and so that's what I draw. If I want to put in the effort, I can do finished works with full bodies and backgrounds, but generally that doesn't interest me. Perhaps one day it shall.

The tinted drawings are a collaborative effort. Gloria uses Paint Shop Pro to color them after scanning.

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William Brame
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