and now a toy store!


featuring quality toys
to clip the nips (and other sensitive parts)
of the one(s) you love.



The sketches center primarily on submissive
women in bondage and various submissive poses.
But I also have one here which gay men might like.


Beginning with photos of me as a kid, moving through
my college days assembling bones, racing through my
adventures at archaeological field sites, and hurtling
to an end with some personal pix.

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About the Authors of DIFFERENT LOVING

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A little about William D. Brame

They Call Me The Silent One

I don't get out much. Like many big men, I am shy. Also, lately I've been mistaken for a professional wrestler in places as various as a shopping mall, a grocery, and a post office, and until I can figure out who I'm supposed to be I don't want to embarrass the young men who come bounding up to me in their worshipful manner.

Once I know who they take me for, I will of course sign autographs and make up exciting stories, and we will all be happier for it. I've asked, naturally, but they clam up and run away.

I have a peculiar parallel life in which I go on television shows in Canada or call friends in Atlanta asking for money from Savannah, Georgia--which I find out about long after the fact and much to my surprise. Someone once came up and wanted to talk about my presentation at Living in Leather, and confusion did then reign, since I've never been to LiL--but he showed me the program, and there I was listed, me and the missus. And once, a reporter claimed to have seen me coming up out of a subway in Manhattan wearing a tee-shirt that read LICK BUSH. Whereas in my reality my ass is in a chair in front of my PC, where I labor with heart-breaking effort to complete an epic novel about the end of the world, 500 years ago.

Just for the record, I have never been to Savannah. (I have this fantasy that I'll one day be signing books somewhere and someone will stride up to denounce me. 'You're not Will Brame! Will Brame spanked me in Savannah, and you ain't him!').

If I am a recluse, it is only a matter of circumstance. A working author has no real business at a party, unless he's writing about parties, maybe. And if I am a man of mystery, that's a matter easily addressed by twitching aside the veil to reveal prosaic truth.

These personal pages are split into to two areas: a gallery of my D&S; drawings, with thumbnails to make it easy for you to decide whether you want to wait for the complete images (ranging in size from about 40k to 140k) to download.

Second is a photographic excursion through my life as an archaeologist, which Mrs. Brame thinks should be called Photographic Field Trip. And since she's in control of the hardware, it's called Photographic Field Trip.


Atlanta, 2000

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